Friday, October 2, 2009

To Die For...

via The Shoe Game

Nike is set to release “Day of the Dead” pack for the Nike Dunk low and high and Air Max 90. This three-pack will arrive just in time for Halloween Oct 24via: Sneaker Obsession. Let’s get into the three ‘deadly’ sins.

Nike Dunk low: White leather base, purple skeletons and followers wrap the frontal, lace and heel panels. The lime green Swoosh and orange stitching throughout the upper brings life to skeleton pattern. This pack completes

Nike Dunk high: All black Dunks, a skeleton and flower design dance the frontal, lace, wings, and heel panels. Lime Green Swoosh and orange stitching complete the shoe. There are even matching insole…

Nike Air Max 90: Black Air Max 90 with purple interior and sole, equipped with a glossy purple Swoosh symbol. This shoe dons a different design than the Dunks. This one has a 70’s groovy twist to it with accents of purple, lime green, and orange. These are is my personal favorite out of the bunch.

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