Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Balance A-20's

New Balance strikes again with the A-20, a Moccasin inspired sneaker influenced by the Navajo tribe. You get it all : leather heel tassels, rainbow bands similar to the patterns found in traditional Navajo textiles and solid cross stitching. Not to mention - the sneaker looks pretty comfy too. It comes two different colorways as well.

Some say this is a Japan only release (We all know how that goes, the best stuff only gets released in Japan.) Other people say that its a Worldwide release. But what I want to tell you, is to cop these two colorways at Atmos. Word on the street is they will be available somewhere between early September and October.

Nobody said the sneaker game was easy. Hey, if you fail at translating the Atmos page, there's always e-Bay if you really want them. Good luck!

P.S. Here's the link to the English version of the Atmos site. Lets all pray that the A-20's show up there soon! Click here.

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