Monday, August 17, 2009

Todays Spotlight : Interview With Anna Balboa

Anna Balboa was featured last week at our Sneaker Art Event. As some of you may remember, she did the killer looking light boxes that caught every one's attention as soon as they walked in.

She is a contemporary artist from Barcelona, Spain who manages to make every piece of artwork scream with positive energy. Today I managed to catch up with her and ask her some questions about art, what drives her to continue, and sneakers.

How long have you been painting, Anna?

I have been painting for more than 15 years. I started first with photography and then I switched to painting and drawing. Recently I switched back to photography. You can see some of my work here.

What mediums do you usually use and what do you typically like to paint?

I like to use a lot of acrylics and enamels. I love it when things look glossy! This probably stems from when I studied Ceramics in Barcelona, Spain. Its amazing to see the finished pottery pieces coming out from the oven! That's real magic right there. I also do many artworks that feature mixed media collages of photos and paintings. Very often buyers ask me if the paintings on the paper are tiles! Sometimes I do abstract artworks on canvas with figurative, imaginary characters like little animals, lots of birds, flowers, minotaurs, unicorns etc. Some days I wish that I could see and feel them all around me talking, smiling, singing hugging and loving each other. Painting scenes like that makes me feel like I am in a wonderland, I really imagine some of the little characters pulling my fingers and my legs demanding attention.

What actually inspires you to draw your artwork? Do sneakers play any role in that as well?

People, Mother Nature and places where I go all inspire me and show up in my artwork. Everyone just seems interconnected, no matter if they are known creators or unknown ones. Its not the major influence of one person, but it is everyone with their different view points that influences me. I was born with the ability to create, so I try to share and make a better world with my art. Sneakers also play a role in my work.For a couple years I was a performer on the street in Miami Beach, by Lincoln Road Mall. I would go all out by putting an hours worth of make up on my face, two outfits painted and designed by me along with my sneakers. It was a way to make me feel very alive and vivid, and also to convey my energy.

Anna as a performer...such energy!

What are some past pieces you have done?

When I started painting I painted everything. Sneakers, my clothes, t-shirts, bags, baby shoes, tables, chairs, everything.

Anna's Sneaker Art work.

Are their any upcoming events that you might be featured in?
Yes, I have a new project for Art Basel, and I am currently in talks for a new show beginning October 1st. I am very happy about it!

What do you think will happen in the next year for you? What are your thoughts about the world?

Who knows! It's not like I have a Crystal Ball! I believe in good things, and I constantly stay optimistic and positive. I think we are currently experiencing a lot of good changes in the world after many years of chaos. We live in a world where if we make mistakes there are chances to correct and to adjust for better results. Make no mistake, improving from mistakes is a true divine challenge. There are so many possibilities of success however that it's impossible to "fail all the time". If you open your senses you can see multiple choices, with many surprises and secrets in and out of the very air we breathe. Its important to remember that life never ends, and it is eternal and infinite. Just living and being able to tap into the artistic side of things makes me feel so happy. Its like a gift from heaven... I feel like a child asking the Energy "can I play with you again?" And each time the answer is YES you can! Then I ask, "do I need anything to play?" and it responds "Nope its free!" Sometimes I wonder if this is a joke!

That's a real positive perspective! Not a lot of people have that anymore. Switching gears now, what is your favorite pair of sneakers and why?

I like Puma sneakers, especially the Ferrari series. I love them, my feet are slim and it fits pretty well, even though they have more models for men than for women. I also like Reebok's because are light and flexible, like the ones for volley ball. The boot style of Nike is also a favorite of mine.

If you had the ability to create a pair of sneakers what would it look like and what would it do?

I would create a pair of silver flying sneakers that I could fly with to travel to unknown civilizations and see the Earth from a different vantage point. Hopefully with that experience I would be able to help shape a world where everyone has food to eat, clothes to wear, a roof over their head and a peaceful place to stay. My sneakers would also be able to play music out of them ^.^

Your imagination is endless Anna! Any shout outs you would like to make before we wrap up?

To my dearest Anita, this is my gift to you, unconditional love and freedom! I am just providing you with the right tools for you to experience how beautiful life is.

Thanks a bunch Anna! Hopefully ill see you in the winter for your Art Basel show!

I hope so too! See you soon!

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